Praise for Tess LeSue

‘a delightful roller-coaster ride complete with its laugh-out-loud take on mistaken identity.’

Four stars.



‘I adored Tess LeSue’s Bound for Eden! Her voice is brilliant, funny, and immediately draws you into the book. She does a fantastic job of painting the Old West and the Oregon Trail, and I was immediately reminded of curling up under the blankets with a wonderful, ‘old school’ historical romance. The hero is sexy and protective, the heroine is fierce and independent, and I couldn’t stop turning pages.’

–Jessica Clare, New York Times bestselling author


‘I was blown away by the sparkling brilliance of [Tess’s] writing. She has a real gift for historical atmosphere, compelling characters, sexual tension and witty dialogue.’

– Anna Campbell, author of the Dashing Widows series


‘[Tess’s] writing is lively and taut and generates emotion. Her characters spring to life and her stories move at a fast pace.’

– Anne Gracie, bestselling author of the Convenient Marriage series


‘Bound for Eden is a non-stop romp through the Wild West with twists and turns in every chapter. LeSue’s characters leap off the page with heart and menace. An accomplished mix of comedy and suspense, I found myself cheering with the heroine as she boldly navigates the journey to Oregon and eventually, her freedom. I absolutely loved it.’

– Victoria Purman, author of The Bonegilla Girls


‘Offbeat Laugh-Out-Loud Absorbing Reading! An entertaining read full of comical characters, stolen moments, gripping scenes and twists and turns in a story that did not slow down. Laughing-out-loud one moment and captivated the next. An absorbing read from start to finish.’

– Talking Books


‘[T]his story surprised me beyond belief. To the point where I couldn’t put it down EVER!’

– Paper Words


‘[A]bsolutely wonderful… absolutely fantastic… absolutely hilarious….’

– The Novel Nomad


Goodreads Reviews:

‘Amazing first novel. Great characters and well researched. It’s full of humour, drama, and romance. Can’t wait till she brings out another book.’

– Zoe


‘[T]his beauty crossed my fingers in the library. It had me hooked from beginning to end…’

  • Loraine


‘I found myself laughing and smiling throughout…’

– Gemma


Amazon Reviews:

‘This story is grand, sweeping and enthralling. The characters were interesting and lovable (except the bad guys) and the action-packed plot had me turning pages quickly and berating myself whenever I had to put the book down. Tess LeSue is a very talented writer and I will be buying all of her future books. 5 stars.’

– Anonymous